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Release of “Passion”

« The ensemble Les Surprises, under Louis-Noël Bestion de Camboulas, contributes luscious support with sensuous and detailed playing. […] the artists understand the style, delivery, tempos and structures, as well as the standard tropes—soothing sleep scene, summoning of infernal spirits, tempest with thunder, etc.—and are able to infuse each excerpt with clarity and, in the case of Gens, nobility. »

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Release of  “Méditations pour le Carême”

« […] I have nothing but praise for the members of the Ensemble Les Surprises. Paco Garcia (haute-contre), Martin Candela (tenor) and Étienne Bazola (baritone) have the perfect voices for this repertoire, and deal impressively with the technical challenges. What is most important is that the text is clearly intelligible and that the expression comes off to full extent. The contributions by Juliette Guignard (viola da gamba), Étienne Galletier (theorbo) and Bestion de Camboulas (harpsichord and organ) are of the same level. »

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Rameau chez la Pompadour

SAT 28 AUG 2021

Festival Sinfonia en Périgord

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De Profundis

WED 11 AUG 2021

MA Festival, Bruges

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Tyrannic Love

MON 09 AUG 2021

Festival Baroque de Tarentaise

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L’héritage de Rameau

SUN 1er AOÛT 2021

Festival Musique et Mémoire

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Tyrannic Love

SAT 31 JULY 2021

Festival du Haut-Limousin

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TUE 6 JULY 2021

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SAT 03 JULY 2021

Festival d’Hardelot

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SAT 05 JUNE 2021

Festival de Saint Denis

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