Beyond the concerts the ensemble Les Surprises is doing, we also continue the field work in our territory through projects using cultural mediation.

In 2024, we are developing two different projects : a season of touring concerts in all the Nouvelle-Aquitaine, taking place in nursery, primary and high schools four weeks a year. Before each week of concert, a mediator goes in every classes to speak about music, what the children are going to see and answer their questions. The other one is intented for women coming from migration around the theme « Queens throug ages and continents ». These women are following a path filled with artistic and cultural discovery and practising ; which will lead them to do a spectacle with musicians from the ensemble Les Surprises in front of some public to present what they have been working on.

Through theses two offers, the ensemble Les Surprises wants to meet the inhabitants of its territory – especially the one who are living in the countryside – in order to give them access to a different cultural offer than their usual one.

One of the major approach in the developement of our projects is the collaborative work we are able to do with cultural and social actors who are already in place in these territories. The purpose is to develop a dynamic where everybody is participating and creating, and with this, we can reach people who don’t already know our music, and enable them to discover it in different ways.