Project Description


Paco Garcia : tenor / Étienne Bazola : baritone
3 instrumentists

The audience is invited to dive into darkness, and semi-darkness. This intimist project is inspired by the famous music composed for the Tenebrae service ; which invite us to an introspection. In the XVIIth century, this musical style came up in France with the Leçon des Ténèbres ; and was known for its austerity and complexity. It was composed with enchanting vocal parts, enabling us to lost track of space and time.

The Leçons de Ténèbres are the highest point of baroque musical art. With a very intimate headcount (one or two voices, along with basso continuo), these « little masterpieces » enable composers to show us their whole color palette, and to guide us through authentic sacred dramaturgy ; a deploration theater. In the XVII and XVIIIth century, these pieces found their place in the « Tenebrae » religious services during the Holy Week. The services were codified and theatralized ; the light and its advancing appaerence and disappaerence were almost as important as the music itself.

Download the entire piece here (PDF)