Project Description

Tyrannic Love

Eugénie Lefebvre : sopranoÉtienne Bazola : barytone

9 instrumentists

Love in all its forms, tragical, comic, light, satyrical…through pieces by Henry Purcell. Rhythm and passion by the master of English music.

Tyrannic Love, The Violence of Love, Love Triumphant, The Libertine destroyed…as many plays Purcell wrote music for. If some of his « masks » are now part of the musical History, Henry Purcell also worked on fifty semi-operas, showing all his talents regarding theatrical writing.

Often about romantic schemes, these masks are dramatical, light, comic… Purcell reveals a sharp humour to broach the matters of Love.
Some of these pieces came as piecemeal but a great number reveals little masterpieces made by this great English composer who knew how to deal with big forms and small ones.

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