Project Description

La Passion selon Saint-Jean

Davy Cornillot : The Evangelist / Eugénie Lefebvre,Cécile Achille : sopranos / Blandine de Sansal : alto / Paco Garcia : tenor / Jean-Christophe Lanièce : Jésus / Etienne Bazola : Pilate

Orchestra and choir – ensemble Les Surprises

A biblical story (the narration of the Evangelist, the words of Jesus, Pilate, Judas, and others), uplifting chorales and poetic texts. All framed by imposing choral porticoes. These are the ingredients of the Passions of J.-S. Bach. The one according to Johannes was first performed shortly after the master moved to Leipzig. What a shock the faithful of St Nicholas must have felt on the afternoon of Good Friday in 1724 – they, as the most conservative Lutherans, were wary of theatricality. A lady stood up and slammed the door: “Protect your children, Lord! It’s like an opera.” The town council, which had just hired this cantor “for lack of finding a better one” (read: Telemann or Graupner) must have been kicking itself. Not us…

« Cette œuvre grandiose et poignante m’accompagne depuis mon plus jeune âge, certains airs et chorals qui la composent ont bercé mes premières études musicales. Elle reste l’un de mes plus grands chocs musicaux. » (Louis-Noël Bestion de Camboulas)

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