Project Description

De Profundis

12 singers / 14 instrumentists

This new creation is willing to link two countries, France and Germany, and two times, XVIIIth and XXth century, around the psaume 130 « De Profundis ». This psaume 130 inspired many composers throughout centuries and its tragical potential is summed up in its first sentence « from the bottom of depths, I yell to you ! Lord ! ».

This program will present Johann-Sebastian Bach cantata Aus tiefer not (german De profundis), Philippe Hersant psaume 130 (written in miror shape to Bach cantata), and De Profundis grand motet by Henry Desmarets. To finish this program, the Dies Irae motet by Jean-Baptiste Lully will be performed, that also reflects human despair with a tragical text about Last Judgement.

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