Passion avec Véronique Gens

DIM 21 MAI 2023

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El Siglo de Oro

DIM 7 MAI 2023

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Early Music Review

A propos de « Nuit à Venise »

« The strength referred to is the unfailing sweetness of tone of the two sopranos of Les Surprises, Jehanne Amzal and Eugénie Lefebvre, which is complemented by the fine voices and excellent ensemble of the remaining six voices. The ensemble as a whole seems equally at home with the athletic vocal agility required for the bravura writing in items such as Monteverdi’s ‘Dixit Dominus secondo’, SV 264 (from the Selva morale e spirituali, 1641) or ‘Laudate Dominum primo’ from the same collection »

Article en intégralité ici
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MER 3 ET JEU 4 MAI 2023

Spectacle de restitution – Musée de Sainte-Croix, Poitiers

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